20 Acres of Beauty and Mining Activity-


6-20 Acre Creek Mining Claims! All or One!

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GIVE the gift of GOLD to yourself and your family!


20 Acres of Gold and Silver Mining Creek - SOLD!


GOLD and Silver Claims

Gold and Silver are a precious resource that's readily available if you just know how to find it. We find the properties for you and give you insight on how to grow them!

​​​​​What our properties include

​We find and facilitate sales of Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Placer and Lode Claims for Gold, Silver and Minerals. We sell Lode and Placer claims. We do not buy and sell homes or commercial buildings.

We can work out financial methods for you and your family to buy investment claims with very little or no money down. We will assist you in buying these claims and facilitate all of the documentation needed to sustain your claim for years to come. 

We know where to find these gold, silver and mineral claims and we can make it easier for you to own!

If you have always wanted to buy something of value to leave as a Legacy for your family, now is the time and we can help you make that happen! Give us a call now!


  Placer and Lode    Mining Claims     COLORADO


Gold, Silver and Minerals,  

BLM /National Forest 

Placer Mining Claims

Professional Facilitation of Legal Documents

Mining Claims

We believe that mining claims can always gain in value and secure more money for your family in the future. Whether mining or just wanting to camp out and enjoy the silence of nature, owning your own piece of paradise is definitely worth it!

​​​​Legacy Holdings Co.


​ ​​SOLD!


In the early days of the Colorado Gold Rush, a lone prospector could pan a fortune in nuggets and dust from a placer claim or a mountain stream. A few years later, underground bonanzas of high grade gold and silver ore, mined laboriously with dynamite, picks and shovels made instant millionaires of many colorful figures.

In 1933 the price of gold was fixed at $35.00 an ounce, however, the cost of mining continued to climb. By 1962 it cost more to produce an ounce of gold than was worth on the market, and the business of mining died. There was still plenty of gold in the ground, but finding it no longer brought wealth to the finder.

Today, efficient management, cost effective engineering, and state-of-the-art technology are needed to create a profitable mining operation.

Gold itself has a newly respected status in the investment world. It is quietly becoming a mainstream investment choice, offered by increasing numbers of investment brokerage firms and financial Institutions.

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