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Frequently Asked Questions about Mining Claims:

Q    What is Legacy Holdings Company?

A    We are in the business of searching out, staking and selling Gold, Silver, and Mineral placer claims throughout Colorado while making them affordable to those who want to own a piece of heaven but just don't have the means to do so. We don't care about your credit history, background, or anything else that may hinder you from buying something you love. We partner with a legal document facilitation service that has been proudly and professionally developing real estate and staking mining claims in various areas of the United States for over 40 years and combine many years of multi-asset management as well.  This partner company has built a solid reputation and developed a proven track record on “USA Today” and “ Money Magazine”, while maintaining it’s tradition of excellence in helping thousands of families rediscover the American dream with pride of ownership. We pride ourselves in giving you a sense of adventure, excitement and ownership that is affordable!


Q    Are mine claims a good investment or a whimsical purchase?

A    Actually, they can be both. A mine claim makes a great gift and is a very different kind of property to own, a legacy, a gift to children or grandchildren.  Moreover, mine claims have been bought, sold and traded at a profit for over 130 years.  In many cases, with the discovery of an ore deposit, a huge profit has been realized. Since all the claims are located in historic mining districts famous for the gold and mineral wealth they have produced, it is not unreasonable to assume a profit potential of 5-10 times your original investment. Your claim may be sold through Legacy Holdings Company, a local realtor or the many Internet sources available. If you want to own a mining claim for future investment, our company will assist you in any way necessary to help you enjoy your mining claim and make it profitable to you and your assigns.


Q    What can I do on my mine claim?

A    In addition to prospecting for gold, silver and gemstones, many recreational uses are possible such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, biking, rock climbing, hang gliding, cross country skiing, rock hounding, fossil collecting and metal detecting. Imagine camping while prospecting for gold!


Q    What if the Bureau of Land Management rejects my submission for  a mine claim?

A    Submission compliance and government acceptance is fully guaranteed by Legacy Holdings Company.  If, for any reason your claim is not accepted, the entire fee paid for that claim will be returned promptly to you.

Q    Can  I build a structure on my claim?

A    You can build a structure on your claim as long as that structure is incident to mining and there may be a permit required. A small storage building would also be allowed, with utilities run to the property, but again, their use must be incident to mining.

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