The Claim's Old Gold Miner's Cabin along Pomeroy Creek.


Gold rich creek flowing through 1/4 mile of property.

Chaffee County:

​Is in the central part of Colorado. It borders the Continental Divide on the west and extends eastward across the valley of the Upper Arkansas River. Chaffee County is well known for its topaz, smoky quartz and other crystals. The Chalk Creek District is located in western Chaffee County near the headwaters of Chalk Creek, 16 miles west of the village of Nathrop, CO which lies alond the banks of the Upper Arkansas River. The ores of the District contain gold, silver, lead and a little copper. The Chalk Creek District probably is the only district in the Country that has produced more than 100,000 ounces of gold.

​​Semiprecious and precious gems and minerals are found in a number of locations in the region. Chaffee County is one of the most productive geological areas in the world. A total of 127 different minerals have been identified in the county.

​Pomeroy Creek:

​Pomeroy Creek, in the Chalk Creek Mining District, is located south of St. Elmo, Colorado and a few miles directly west of Mt. Antero. This property is close to the famous Mary Murphy Mine, the largest gold producer in Chaffee County and one of the largest producers in the state.

​​The Chalk Creek Mining District was discovered in the late 1960's and subsequently has yielded more than 230,000 ounces of gold. The districts biggest producer, the Mary Murphey Mine, was in continuous operation from 1870 to 1925. It has been operating on and off until present day. The gold came from pyritic quartz veins that were worked through a vertical range of about 2,200 feet. The Mary Murphy Mine has produced gold valued at more than 200,000,000 in today's market. There were two aerial tramways (earliest recorded in the state) connecting the mine to Romley Colorado and the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad.

​Sorted ore ran from 1-2 ounces of gold and 30-40 ounces of silver per ton of ore. The mine produced 50 tons per day averaging $50.00 per ton.

​In the immediate area of Pomeroy Creek, near the Mary Murphy Mine, much gold and metal sulfides have been discovered. The area was worked well into the 1950s and many millions of dollars of gold, silver, lead,  and zinc were produced . Also found were smithsonite, cerrusite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, sphalarite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and quartz. At various locations in this area specimens of beryl-variety aquamarine, biotite, brannerite, fluorite, jarosite, molybdenite, rutile and topaz have been discovered.



This is one of the most exciting Gold Claims that we have ever seen! It is absolutely beautiful and serene. There is a very high percentage of Gold Ore all over this neck of the woods and you will be chomping at the bit to get out there. It is in a very rugged area and has rocky road access right through the property. It is located in Chaffee County in the Chalk Creek Mining District just outside of a small quaint Gold Mining town. It is in a very close proximity to the famous Mary Murphey Gold Mine, the largest gold producer in Chaffee County and one of the largest producers in the state. The old Gold Ore Cable Cars went right through this property!

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Neighboring abandoned Gold Aerial Tramway Station. Cable towers go through our property!

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