​​​​Legacy Holdings Co.

This 20 Acre Claim is located sandwiched between one of the largest Mining Activity Locations in this area and a Very Large Tunnel. The Creek that flows through it has been proven to have Gold and Silver in it. 

There are numerous camping areas, some more difficult to get to. The views are outrageous and the location is a little more secluded down an old mining road. 

Access to this area can include a 4x4 high clearance vehicle and/or ATV depending on Snow runoff. 

The Mining History in this area is massive and historical with old mining towns dotted throughout. 

You will feel the pride of ownership with such a wonderful claim!

Chaffee County:

Is in the central part of Colorado. It borders the Continental Divide on the west and extends eastward across the valley of the Upper Arkansas River. Chaffee County is well known for its topaz, smoky quartz and other crystals. The Chalk Creek District is located in western Chaffee County near the headwaters of Chalk Creek, 16 miles west of the village of Nathrop, CO which lies along the banks of the Upper Arkansas River. The ores of the District contain Gold, Silver, Lead, and a little Copper. The Chalk Creek District probably is the only district in the County that has produced more than 100,000 ounces of Gold.

Semiprecious and precious gems and minerals are found in a number of locations in the region. Chaffee County is one of the most productive geological areas in the world. A total of 127 different minerals have been identified in the county.


$4995 - $500 Down only $200 a Month